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The green character can be thought of as one of two things:

  • Voter
  • Candidate


To any given voter, the behavior of other voters is likely to seem random, beyond another voter’s influence. In much the way that a winner blames success on skill, and the loser blames failure on bad luck, all the reasons in the world are attributed to a voter’s own behavior, while the voting behavior of others is likely to blamed on advertising, image, and short-term self-interest.

These lead to a relationship of hopelessness between the voter and the voting body. Rather than being a relationship of empowerment, the voter to voting body relationship takes on the character of fish to ocean.

The vote either goes with the majority, or its significance is relegated to historical records.


The hopelessness of the candidate is that of the voter, albeit greatly magnified. Predict where the vote will be - the wild, random, irrational, self-serving, multivariable vote - and take that position before it’s too late. In the TV era and beyond, a person’s height, weight, eye color, hair style, personality, religion and lifestyle also come into account, above and beyond their professional values or political abilities, and the good candidates are left projecting that naive, superficial demeanor on behalf of a profound (unchecked) internal confidence that they will be the “best” candidate when elected, and concern that if they weren’t projecting that image to succeed then some lesser candidate would.

But the person that wins, beyond having the right aesthetic qualifications, TV ads, and talk show appearances, is the one willing to side with the majority of the majority of the majority of the majority, recursively one step deeper than all the other tall, handsome, lively, and religious candidates.

Go where the vote goes, or get left behind.

At least until the election ends. In any case, the votes before and after are felt to be random, with every voter blaming all positions but their own on ignorance and whim, with every voter assuming their own position to be founded on incontrovertible, self-evident reason.

It’s like being a fish in the ocean.

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